Insurance Claims

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Daily, roofing is doing extraordinary work to protect both families and employees. Roofing is made to be highly resistant to the weather and typically does its job. However, when a natural disaster occurs, there’s not much that can stand in its way. At Tectonic Roofing, we are happy to help people assess the damage of their roofing post-storm, hail, wind, etc. Our expert team will be able to determine whether damage has occurred and list the damage. This service makes the insurance claim process incredibly easy for you and your insurance company. Our team can also walk you through the insurance claim process, ensuring that you receive maximum benefits. We are proud to provide this free service to people because it means more protection for our community. So, if you’ve recently experienced some type of storm, it would be incredibly beneficial to have it inspected. Trust your property with professionals – trust your property with Tectonic Roofing.

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